Fun with #ArabicYoga!

We are excited to launch our latest online contest, #ArabicYoga!

This unique program aims to introduce young learners to the Arabic language and engage them through yoga, combining movement and imagination.

Join the #ArabicYoga movement! Teach your favorite Arabic word with a yoga pose!
Upload a video or photo of yourself with your #ArabicYoga pose and tag @QFINTL for a chance to win $500!

To participate in the #ArabicYoga contest:

1. Watch the following #ArabicYoga video and follow us on Twitter and Facebook;

2. Repost and share the video tagging @QFINTL;

3. Upload a video or photo of your own Arabic Yoga pose through this platform or submit your pose online with the hashtag #ArabicYoga, tagging @QFINTL; **Your posts must be public in order for us to access them and your poses must be ones that teach an Arabic word or resemble an Arabic word.**

4 – All submissions will be subject to voting on the contest platform. The winner with the most votes will receive a $500 gift card!

View the contest platform here!

More on Arabic Yoga:
Arabic Yoga began as a class that utilizes yoga poses to teach Arabic vocabulary in the first Arabic dual-immersion program in Texas, Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS) – a QFI sponsored program. Combined with a larger health and wellness initiative, yoga was a unique and fitting addition to the immersion experience, creating a fun and effective way to teach the language.