How to Apply for a Grant

How to apply for a new program or grant?

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is an educational organization committed to advancing Arabic language teaching and learning. QFI supports innovative, research-based Arabic language programs in state funded primary and secondary schools and works to increase access to Arabic instruction for educators and students around the world. QFI currently supports programs in Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Grants for who?


QFI has grant opportunities available for primary and secondary school educators who teach in state-funded schools (public or public charter schools in the United States). Our grants include funding for teachers to access high-quality professional development and leadership opportunities, as well as classroom resources on the teaching of Arabic language and culture in Canada, the US, UK, and Germany. (CREGs, MEOC Book Awards, Dora Johnson Awards, Maharaat and Teacher Professional Development Grants, Concordia Language Villages Weekend Workshops)

QFI also funds Arabic Teacher Councils for educators to participate in community-strengthening activities and professional development opportunities on a regional basis.

Teachers serve as Arabic Honor Society Chapter leads and in that capacity they may apply for AHS Chapter Engagement grants for AHS chapters to participate in outreach and service learning opportunities. (AHS Chapter Engagement Grants)


QFI provides grants directly to state-funded schools in the US and UK to offer Arabic language courses in the curriculum (both dual language immersion and Arabic as a world language schools). The Grants to Schools program includes funding for Arabic teacher salary support, curriculum development, student outreach, and classroom resources. Grants to schools require cost share or co-funding from schools that increases over time to promote program sustainability and student enrollment. (Grants to Schools)

QFI also provides grants for state-funded schools for virtual and in-person exchange programs for Arabic language classes to travel or connect with classrooms in Qatar. (Classroom Connections Grants)


Pending regional needs and available infrastructure, QFI also provides grants to organizations, colleges/universities, or schools to host regional Arabic Teacher Councils. (Arabic Teacher Councils)

QFI also provides grants to organizations, colleges/universities, or schools to host summer intensive Arabic programs for students to continue their study of Arabic during the period when school is closed, or access opportunities to study Arabic if it is not available at their school during the academic year. (Summer Study Grants)

QFI provides grants for organizations who develop or support high quality resources for use in Arabic language classrooms that are available for free for educator use. (Unsolicited Grants)


Our programs provide opportunities for students to study Arabic in school as part of the school curriculum. There are also funded opportunities for students to study in select Summer Arabic programs. These scholarships are offered directly via the Summer Study institutions partnered with QFI and are not in our grant portal.

QFI runs the Arabic Honor Society which provides engagement with students who are studying Arabic in school and have committed to bringing outreach and service learning to their communities. AHS offers several academic or study summer awards for high achieving students each year, as well as contests and ways to share their study of Arabic with other students.

To view available grants, please complete the eligibility survey in the QFI Grants Management Portal at

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