Aida Ridanovich

Aida Ridanovic is a multi-country, cross-cultural expert, with extensive, demonstrable experience in high-level stakeholder engagement, complex international diplomacy, international relations and communications, and 20 years of project management experience, globally. Passionate about building and promoting cross-cultural dialogue and communication, she set up the ground-breaking Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (CEMD) in 2020, an independent, non-profit, organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, focused on promoting, developing, and improving intercultural dialogue, human rights, education, regional and international cooperation.

Aida also has extensive international experience in strategic guidance as a high-level advisor, leading senior management of government, foundations and private sector companies in improving management structure, and media and marketing strategies, working across 42 countries, including civil society organizations, decision-makers, institutes, and representatives from government and international organizations. Aida has directly improved free speech in the Arab world, through her involvement with the internationally renowned BBC program The Doha Debates (also aired on PBS, Channel 13 and the World Channel in the US).

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