Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is an educational organization that advances Arabic language teaching, learning, and research around the world. Learn more about QFI here: About QFI.

QFI is an international organization that supports programming all over the world. Our operational headquarters are in Washington, DC, USA.

Arabic is one of the world’s most prominent languages, with over 422 million people who speak it worldwide. It is a vehicle of great literary and scientific tradition. In the language education field, however, Arabic is often underrepresented. There is a vast need for Arabic instruction and programming.

  • Classroom Resource Grants – primary and secondary educators may request up to $1,000 (or the equivalent in their local currency) to purchase educational tools, resources, or experiences to further student exploration of the Arabic language and the Arab world.
  • Teacher Professional Development Grants – educators may request to $2,000 (or the equivalent in their local currency) toward registration and costs associated with attending professional development events and opportunities that enhance teaching about the Arab world and Arab culture.
  • Arabic Honor Society (AHS) Chapter Engagement Grants – chapter leads in established AHS chapters may request up to $3,000 (or the equivalent in their local currency) for planned AHS group activities once a year.

All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Summer Arabic Program Grants – QFI supports leading academic institutions and non-profit organizations offering intensive summer Arabic courses. While the US quota is filled, international organizations offering domestic programs may still apply for funding starting in November of each year.
  • Classroom Connections Grants – secondary school teachers may apply for supplementary funding of up to $55,000 (or the equivalent) to take student groups on an immersive Arabic language and culture trip to Qatar. At this time, the Classroom Connections Grants are on hold until school travel programs resume pending COVID restrictions.
  • Grants to Schools – this grant supports the establishment and growth of in-school, credit-bearing Arabic language programs, including financial support of the Arabic teacher salary, teacher professional development, language assessments, and cultural opportunities for students. Please reach out to arabic@qfi.org to discuss applying for support.
  • Arabic Afterschool Enrichment Grants - This grant provides up to $40,000 (or the equivalent) to support a select number of robust, out of school Arabic language programs. This grant is intended to increase students’ access to high quality Arabic education, especially in areas where Arabic is not yet offered through the school curriculum.
  • Arabic Teacher Council Grants – QFI supports Arabic Teacher Councils for educators in the US, UK, and Germany, and is looking to launch a program in Sweden. Each council organizes activities, professional development events, and webinars throughout the academic year. To join a council, learn about their activities, and participate in upcoming events, please visit the website or social media for the teacher council in your region. If you are interested in starting an Arabic Teacher Council in a region that does not already have one, please contact us at arabic@qfi.org.

QFI offers opportunities for students through the Arabic Honor Society (AHS):

  • Contests – students who are members of the Arabic Honor Society may participate in our annual poetry, poster, and short story contests hosted throughout the year.
  • Summer Scholar Award – eligible students may apply for up to $5,000 (or equivalent) to cover tuition costs for a summer Arabic language program.
  • Incoming Freshman Award – eligible students may apply for up to $10,000 (or equivalent) to cover tuition costs for a program focused on or heavily involving an Arabic language component at the higher education level.

QFI provides an unsolicited proposal application for requests that do not fit the eligibility for our established grants programs but that contribute to our mission and vision. Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis as long as funding is available.

Please see our grant portal to apply.

In addition to funding opportunities, QFI offers a variety of high-quality resources for educators, from Arabic Teacher Councils, language conferences, and professional development opportunities to classroom resources through our Resource Portal to access to the latest language education research. Learn more about the resources we offer at: QFI Resource Portal

QFI’s programs enable students to study Arabic in school as part of the school curriculum. Through the Arabic Honor Society, students are eligible to apply for awards, participate in annual contests, and engage in local AHS chapters with engaging events and activities.

No. In addition to our programming with schools, QFI works with partners across the world to provide after school and summer language programming, professional development opportunities, and resource development. QFI is also a major sponsor of conferences like ACTFL (etc.) and promotes current research on language education.

Yes, QFI is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), a private, non-profit organization founded in 1995.

We believe that learning Arabic is important, and we support teachers, schools, and organizations that provide access to Arabic language education worldwide. We are an independent, US-based nonprofit and are not affiliated with any government or ideology.

Questions? Contact us at arabic@qfi.org.


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