Our school prides itself on delivering an education which has an eye on global internationalism and we are also, as an integrated school, particularly concerned with celebrating diversity in all its forms: Arabic is therefore a particularly good fit for us at this time. QFI has funded the Primary Arabic program which we are currently delivering, and also invited a member of staff to the WISE conference in Doha, which was highly inspiring and motivating, not only for the staff member involved but also for his students."

Ian McMillan, Head of German and Classics, Shimna Integrated College. Newcastle, United Kingdom

Bill Scannel, Father of William Scannel, Middlebury Monterey Language Academy

“To date, William has completed five semesters of Johns Hopkins Arabic, two Al Waha summer camps, and a month at an Arabic elementary school in Palestine. William can now read, write, and speak Arabic: it is part of who he is. He’s become a life-long learner of the native language of close to half a billion people across the Middle East and north Africa; and the religious language of Earth’s billion-plus Muslims. So congratulations. Your child is embarking on a linguistic and cultural odyssey, one with a long and storied history. Our children are the heroes we’ve been waiting for and are in fact the inspiration to those of us who inspired them.”

Working abroad, you collaborate with people from different nationalities, and you’re responsible for promoting yourself, your culture, and your country. I found that while I was working in the Unites States, I was able to reflect some aspects of Qatari identity in my world. I think of those of us living outside of Qatar as ambassadors; we have a lot to be proud of in our heritage!”

Moneera Al Badi, former QFI Intern and inventor of QFI’s wheel of letters, “Madar Al Huruf”

Dr. Mahmoud Al–Batal, Professor, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

“I have been energized by the quality and interest of the teachers. I would like to thank QFI for giving these teachers this opportunity and to give me, a teacher of Arabic, the opportunity to work with them and engage them in looking at the future of Arabic in the United States. I feel very confident that the future of Arabic is bright and I know that these teachers will make this happen and will be part of this bright future.”

Arabic has provided me with friends, teachers, professors, host siblings, a beautiful host mom, and moments defined by laughter and tears and joy and anger. From dancing with bedouins in the desert to doing the chicken dance in Arabic as a punishment for excessive talking, Arabic has been the source of the most valuable, unforgettable moments in my life, and I can’t imagine myself without it."

Caroline Cooper, 2018 Arabic Study Award recipient

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