Maharaat Grants

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is pleased to announce the opening of the Maharaat Grants. As part of its mission to expand and increase access to professional development for Arabic language educators, QFI will offer grants to primary and secondary Arabic educators to participate in high-quality local and regional professional development events that will enhance his/her ability to teach Arabic.

These grants will provide up to $1,500 or £1,000 for Arabic language educators to cover registration costs and transportation associated with the attendance of professional development events or courses.


Grantees will be awarded up to $1,500 or £1,000 to support attendance to the following types of local or regional events:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Summer institutes
  • Seminars
  • Educational courses (in-person or online)

The content of the event must directly relate to enhancing the applicant’s ability to teach the Arabic language in a classroom setting. If an event’s content is not explicitly related to the Arabic language, then the applicant must demonstrate how they will utilize the knowledge gained from the event to improve their teaching in the Arabic classroom.

Applicant Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a Maharaat Grant, applicants must:

  • Be an Arabic teacher currently teaching the classroom at the primary or secondary levels
  • Arabic teachers from all schools are welcome to apply, though please note that priority will be given to teachers working in public (state-funded) schools
  • Demonstrate how the selected professional development event will enhance their teaching in the Arabic classroom

Application Process and Deadlines

To apply for the Maharaat Grant program, you must register for an account on QFI’s Grants Management Portal at

Applications for Maharaat Grants are now being accepted on a rolling basis.

How to Apply

To apply for the Maharaat Grants, you must register for an account on QFI’s Application Management Portal at

Please create a user account and profile. Upon completing your login credentials and user profile, you will be prompted to take an Eligibility Quiz. You will then be able to access the grant application.

Contact Information

Visit or contact us at or call 202-652-0147.

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