The Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu) is a not-for-profit cross-party organization whose mission is to work for a British Middle East policy that promotes conflict resolution, human rights, and civil society in the Arab world through debate and mutual understanding. In partnership with QFI, Caabu has reached schools and colleges throughout the UK, delivering workshops and assemblies and designing resources for students of all ages and degrees of knowledge. Focusing on introducing the Arab world and combating traditional stereotypes, Caabu aims to inform, challenge pre-existing opinions, and widen understanding via multiple platforms, ensuring the greatest possible reach.

“Chris from Caabu spoke to a selection of Y10-Y13 Humanities students. They were really interested in his talk, having little knowledge of the topic prior to his visit. The Y10s certainly learned a lot from his presentation. The Post16 students were especially inspired by it – they enjoyed the level at which they were spoken to, by someone who is clearly an expert in their field. They engaged brilliantly and were keen for Chris to stay and continue a discussion. One student has been particularly inspired and is now working to set up a program where various guest speakers come in to see them and discuss different global and ethical issues.” – Bradley Stoke Academy

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