Arab Culture and Heritage Video Series

The Arab world encompasses a vast range of cultures, peoples, languages, and history. Through the Arab Culture and Heritage video series, we explore the various meanings and backgrounds that make up an Arab who transcends borders. From literature to dress to the idea of heritage, these video shorts feature experts in the region who contextualize the development and rise of the Arab identity. Please take the time to listen and learn, and to go beyond misconceptions and misunderstandings about this rich and diverse community.

Arabic Literature

Literature expands our minds and makes us feel connected to others. When it comes to the Arab world, literature is not a monolith and every country boasts its own literary traditions. Arabic literature is not only an important way to convey what the culture is like, but also dispel misguided understandings and stereotypes. To learn more about the rich literary history of the Arab world, checkout the video “Arabic Literature.”

Diversity in the Arab World

The Arab world is a large region surrounded by many cultures. It is an amalgamation of different peoples from different backgrounds. Arab society is influenced by Mediterranean, Indian, and African elements, a testament to the region’s diversity and rich history of transnational trade and interaction. In Qatar, a multiplicity of cultures and identities come together to form a cultural melting pot distinctive to the Arab world. To learn more about cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity in the Arab world check out the video, “Diversity in the Arab World.”

Clothing in the Arab World

Clothing is a reflection of a person’s identity and culture. An important aspect in Arab society is the question of how to dress. A range of styles, both traditional and modern, exist across the Arab world. To learn more about the variety of clothing styles and their cultural significance, check out the video “Clothing in the Arab World.”

Heritage in Qatar

The Arab world holds a rich and diverse history. Known as the birthplace to some of the world’s earliest civilizations, the region features a variety of diverse cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Such diversity has produced a wealth of customs and traditions that play a vital role in daily life. To learn how one Arab nation is influenced by this diversity, check out the video “Heritage in Qatar.”

Language in the Arab World

Language is a distinguishing feature of the Arab world, a region made up of people from many different backgrounds. Despite this diversity, Arabs are joined together by the Arabic language. There are two main varieties of Arabic. Spoken Arabic differs from country to country, including vocabularies from surrounding regions. At school, Arabic speakers learn the formal variety of Arabic. These two forms are not separate and interact on a daily basis. To learn more about the roots and varieties of Arabic, check out the video “Language in the Arab World.”

Family and Community in Qatar: The Fereej

Family is an integral component, and arguably the most fundamental institution, of Arab societies. In Arab culture, the concept of family extends beyond the traditional nuclear unit and includes multiple generations and relatives who live in close proximity to one another, gathering frequently for meals and celebrations. To get a glimpse into how one Arab nation is influenced by this sense of family and kinship, check out the video “Family and Community in Qatar: The Fereej.”

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