Arab Societies and Cultures

We understand that teachers are integral to fostering students’ global awareness and understanding. QFI’s Arab Societies and Cultures programming is focused on delivering what educators need to effectively teach about the Arab world. We do this by collaborating and partnering with peers, like-minded institutions, and recognized experts to identify gaps in the field and then develop and implement programs that offer the greatest impact. Through these collaborations and partnerships, we design and implement professional development opportunities, teaching materials and resources, and activities focused on topics including the geography, cultures, and history of the Arab world.

We work closely with institutions such as the Middle East Outreach Council (MEOC), regional and state social studies and geography alliances, World Affairs Councils (WAC), and Title VI Middle East K-12 Outreach Centers at universities across the U.S., as well as internationally with the British Council and the German Arabic Friendship Society (DAFG). We organize events, workshops, and trainings that deepen teachers’ knowledge of the Arab world and enhance their ability to discuss critical current issues with their students. We also develop easily accessed resources, available physically and online throughout the year. These resources also form effective teaching strategies that give students the means to think critically and analytically about the region.

Arab Societies and Cultures programming is multidisciplinary and helps teachers bring the Arab world and the diverse cultures of the region into all classroom subjects, including history, media and film, the sciences, and literature.

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