Arabic Teacher Council Grants

QFI supports Arabic Teacher Councils for educators in the US, UK, and Germany. Each council organizes activities, professional development events, and webinars throughout the academic year.


Fachverband Arabisch in Bamberg, Germany

Verein der Arabischlehrer*innen in Berlin, Germany

United Kingdom

North West Teachers Council, hosted by Bolton Muslim Girls School

West Yorkshire Teachers Council, hosted by Leeds University

Arabic Teachers Council in London and Southern England, hosted by Goldsmiths, University of London

United States

Chicago Arabic Teacher Council, hosted by the University of Chicago

New York Arabic Teacher Council, hosted by The Brunswick School

Michigan Arabic Teacher Council, hosted by GEE-Riverside

New England Arabic Teacher Council, hosted by the Five College Arabic Language Initiative

Arabic Teacher Council of the South, hosted by Georgia State University

Southern California Arabic Language Teacher Council, hosted by Occidental College

Washington, DC Teacher Council, hosted by George Washington University

How to Participate

To join a council, learn about their activities, and participate in upcoming events, please visit the website or social media for the teacher council in your region.

QFI is currently accepting applications for the establishment of an Arabic Teacher Council in Sweden. If your organization is interested in applying, please review details and application materials in the Request for Proposals.

Request for Proposals:  View in ENGLISH HERE.  View In Swedish HERE.
QFI Grants Portal:  APPLY NOW

If you are interested in starting an Arabic Teacher Council in a region that does not already have one, please contact us at

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