The COVID-19 pandemic turned life on its head for families everywhere, including many with young children who experienced the total disruption of their daily routine.

While we spent more time at home, QFI was happy to share an Arabic Yoga video series, based our Arabic Yoga Lesson Plan (available in Arabic and English), which was developed by Arabic educator Eden Bass, with support from QFI, and interpretation by the amazing Caroline Robinson. Ms Bass and Ms Robinson are both teachers at the Arabic Immersion Magnet School in Houston, Texas.

These videos, along with the attached lesson plan, serve as a guide for families to learn some yoga poses along with Arabic language vocabulary and songs. They are especially geared towards children aged 4–7 (parents are also encouraged to join in the fun!).

Arabic yoga offers kids a chance to engage with language learning at home, and to stay active. During the height of the pandemic, a new video was released every week for a month.

Arabic Yoga #1

Arabic Yoga #2


Arabic Yoga #3

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