ChatterPix Arabic Competition in Germany

Screenshot of an online word learning game

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, QFI offered free access to to students of Arabic as a foreign language in Germany. is one of the few online Arabic courses taught in German. It follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and recently won the “European Language Seal,” a quality label awarded by the EU.

In QFIs ChatterPix competition, students were asked to use the fun app to create a 30-second video and make an object of their choice “speak” in Arabic. Students used their mobile phones to photograph or upload images and record their voices.

First Place:  Noelle B. and Zoe W. for “Couscous.”  They are Year 8 students at Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal.

Second Place: Ayisha D. for “London.”  Ayisha is a Year 9 student at Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal.

Third Place:  Anna-Lena M. for “Shawarma.” Anna-Lena is a Year 9 student at Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal.


All three winners are students at Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal, a secondary school specializing in foreign language education in the federal state of Thuringia in Germany. Students study between 4 and 7 languages starting in year 6.  Their first foreign language, either Latin or English, begins in year 6.  The second foreign language, either Arabic, Japanese, or Chinese, begins in year 8.  Their third foreign language, either French, Spanish, Italian or Russian begins in year 9, with the fourth foreign language beginning in yer 10.  Gifted students are allowed to study more than four foreign languages.