Garangao: The 14th Night of Ramadan

Traditional lantern

QFI will host a livestream event with Embrace Doha where students, teachers and parents will have the
opportunity to learn about a unique tradition celebrated on the 14th night of Ramadan in different
countries throughout the Arab World called Garangao. This livestream will provide insight into how
different countries’ histories influence their celebrations and traditions during the month of Ramadan. It
will further enable individuals to think critically about the diversity of religions and the impact of shared
histories and cultures on different practices and traditions.

Specifically, this session will provide the following:

  • Short introduction to Ramadan
  • Overview of the Garangao ceremony as practiced in Qatar
  • History of the Garangao ceremony as well as its cultural significance in Qatar
  • Personal experiences and insights on the importance and practices of the Garangao ceremony by local Qataris
  • Videos depicting the Garangao ceremony

This session will be led by Embrace Doha, a Qatar-based, organization aimed at providing a nuanced understanding of the history and culture in Qatar as well as the Arab World. Lead by local guides and experts, Embrace Doha provides unique hands-on cultural and educational experiences to facilitate these learning experiences.

To meet the current needs of students and educators, QFI and Embrace Doha have worked together to bring this in-person experience online.

Webinar details: This webinar took place on Tuesday, May 12th at 9:00 am EST.