Independent Record: Refugee Expert to Speak Thursday in Missoula

MISSOULA — Hayley Smith saw the global refugee crisis up close in Greece, and she’ll be in Missoula on Thursday to talk about it.


Smith founded nonprofit Lifting Hands after spending December 2015 in a Greek camp. The organization is a volunteer effort that provides humanitarian and relief services to refugees in camps overseas and assists refugees in the Phoenix area with resettlement.

Smith has a minor in Arabic from Brigham Young University and a master’s in Middle Eastern studies and Arabic from the University of London’s school of Oriental studies. She taught Arabic language and culture for three years as part of a Qatar Foundation International program at the Boston Latin Academy.
The Qatar Foundation and the Montana World Affairs Council teamed up to invite Smith to Missoula. She’ll share the stage Thursday night with Christina Atwood, who’ll discuss the refugee vetting and resettlement process overseas and on U.S. soil.