Jenn Geist Talks! OnEducation Podcast

This month Jennifer Geist of QFI joined OnEducation – a podcast for teachers by teachers – to discuss how educators can participate in professional development during this period of online schooling.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

For those overwhelmed by all the choices in online learning, Geist recommends getting involved with QFI’s Participate courses, which provides educators with free learning resources and opportunities. These online courses are designed for anyone interested in building bridges across cultures through virtual exchanges and using the power of language to break cultural barriers.

Geist developed these Participate courses after years of developing virtual exchange programs with QFI. The QFI Participate course, “Jusuur to the Arab World,” offers free online courses in virtual exchange, media literacy and film, service learning, the Sustainable Development Goals and online collaboration for teachers.

On the topic of virtual education, Geist uses the analogy of throwing spaghetti on the ceiling to see if it’s ready, meaning educators should try all available options to them and “see what sticks.” She stresses that as every educator is experiencing the same chaotic transition period, we should use this time to experiment and make mistakes rather than be hard on ourselves. Geist also acknowledges that now more than ever we need to address our implicit biases and come together as a diverse community in order to combat hate. As a result, QFI developed a course on Participate on the Aber Virtual Exchange, which teaches educators how to navigate discourse to address discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice in the classroom. Through Participate, QFI is developing community through virtual exchange with educators across the globe.