Jusuur Textbook 1 and Video Preview Available!

In partnership with Georgetown University Press, QFI is excited to announce that the Jusuur 1 textbook gone to press! The creation of the corresponding series of videos that were filmed in Amman, Jordan were made possible by QFI.

By watching the videos, students can follow the lives of diverse young Arabs and non-Arabs in different situations to guide students to communicate in a culturally competent manner. The audio-visual materials are a mix of authentic, adapted, and created materials as appropriate to the topic, chosen to represent the diversity of the Arab world and a realistic representation of the register Arabs use in real life to complete different tasks.

Jusuur 1 presents a well-rounded curriculum that encourages active communication in Arabic from day one and is suitable for engaging students at a variety of levels including high school, community college, and four-year colleges.

Students learn the letters and sounds of Arabic with the accompanying Jusuur 1 Alphabet Workbook, while they simultaneously use Jusuur 1 to work through thematically organized lessons on such topics as greetings, hospitality, free time, and family. The books, in conjunction with the videos, invite students to make the linguistic, social, and cultural connections key to language acquisition through carefully scaffolded vocabulary and grammar activities, cultural explanations, and frequent opportunities for reflection.

You can learn more and check out preview samples of the texbook, the Jusuur 1 Alphabet Workbook, and a sample video HERE.


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