The Refugee Crisis and How You Can Help

The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the worst of its time, as more than 5 million Syrians have fled their home country. In 2013 and 2014, QFI joined Qatar and the U.S. to organize a clothing drive that benefitted more than 4,000 Syrian refugee households in Bekaa Valley and in southern Lebanon. QFI also partnered with 3 Chairs for Refugees to launch the first Refugee Story Circle project in 2014. The organizations invited young refugees to share their stories and connect with youth from across the world, including Qatar, the U.S., and Brazil.

In partnership with Global Nomads Group, QFI developed a virtual-exchange program and curriculum focused on youth exchange between QFI students and Syrian refugees in Jordan. Basmatna is available free of charge.

This year, QFI is also proud to partner with The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), American Friends of UNRWA (UNRWA-USA), and Digital Explorer, to launch My Voice-My School, an international program that connects students in the U.S. with Palestine refugees in UNRWA schools in the Middle East (Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria).

If you would like to contribute to direct relief and aid to those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the following organizations may be of interest: