Arabic Short Story Contest Winners

!مبروك للفائزين (mabrūk lilfaa’izeen!)

Congratulations to the winners of QFI’s annual Short Story Contest!

In first place for the world language learner category is Jameelah Patel with the spooky story “الوحش في أعماق الأرض” (alwahish fi a3maaq al’arD – The Beast in the Depths of the Earth).

In second place is Jason Doll with a spooky story called “Hush.”

In first place for the heritage speaker category is Omar Abouzaid with a spooky story called “رجال بدون ملامح” (rijaal bedoon milamiH – “Men Without Features”).

In second place for this category is Layan Mahmoud with a spooky story called “ليلة الأمل” (layla al’amal – “Night of Hope”).

We received submissions from students across several countries with a range of exposure to Arabic, including beginner level and heritage speakers. Reviewers were impressed with students’ grasp of the language and exceptional storytelling skills.

Thank you to all the students who participated and to the teachers who encouraged their students. Keep an eye out for the annual poetry contest announcement in the spring, and join us again for the short story contest next year!

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