Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants

Teachers often lack the ability to purchase materials they need for their classrooms to engage students and improve their learning outcomes. To help, QFI offers Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants (CREGs). CREGs are awarded throughout the academic year to provide educators with supplementary funding to purchase educational tools and resources or hold activities to further explore the Arabic language and the Arab world.

Teachers have used the Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants for age-appropriate, student-centered resources and materials, including:

  • Special costs associated with an interdisciplinary project or student-related activities (must have a specific focus on Arabic language and/or the Arab world) such as materials for art, music, geography, history, and science projects;
  • Costs associated with student-driven performances related to Arabic language and/or the Arab world that involve the greater school community, or even other schools nearby;
  • Books, videos, software, or other materials that can be used to teach about the Arab world or the Arabic language.

How to Apply

CREGs are available for educators in the U.S., UK, and Germany. To learn more about the application process in your region, click on the corresponding link below:

Apply in the United States

Apply in the United Kingdom

Apply in Germany

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