Arab Music 101 – A Four Part Video Series In German With English Subtitles

Arab Music is a broad term that includes music ranging from classical to modern pop or folk music. There are many regional varieties, mixed forms, and different language dialects that contribute to the richness and diversity of Arab music.

In ‘Arab Music 101,’ our four-part miniseries, we focus on classical Arab music. The Husam Al Ali Ensemble from Berlin introduces the audience to the countries of origin, typical instruments, rhythm, and tonality.

In the German school curriculum, 11th grade students learn about world music to provide a lens for a more nuanced exploration of their own diverse culture.

The teaching objectives of the film series are to help students learn about:

• the importance and meaning of music, and of making music
• different forms of presentation
• musical instruments and the voice
• positions of musicians in society
• sound material and rhythmic structure.

‘Arab Music 101’ is a result of QFI’s collaboration with the German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG) in Berlin and the Husam Al Ali Ensemble. Yalla Musiqa, our joint program, includes interactive concerts and a presentation of the ‘Arab Music 101’ films, together with guided discussions.

Below are the full videos in German with English subtitles.


Countries of Origin

Arab Music Instruments

Rhythm in Arab Music

Tone Systems in Arab Music

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