Culture in the Language Classroom

Because learning about Arab culture is intrinsically tied to learning the Arabic language, QFI provides opportunities to bring Arab culture to classrooms.

Teacher Leadership

Qatar Foundation International (QFI), with implementing partners University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Middle East Outreach Council, provides intensive professional development programming designed to build cohorts of K-12 educators across the country who can provide effective professional development to their professional network on topics related to the Middle East and the teaching of the Arabic language. Using an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating elements of both cultural and language outreach and education, this program equips educators from across the social sciences and the Arabic language fields with the knowledge and skills to help their peers become more effective and confident when teaching about the region. 

Participants attend a series of professional development workshops that explore a variety of themes related to the Middle East and the Arabic language. During each event, participants will attend seminars with experts in the field, work with education specialists to develop classroom-ready curricula, resources, and teaching strategies to share with other educators in their networks. 

Global Nomads Group

Global Nomads Group provides Arabic language learners opportunities to participate in Student to World Live Events in Arabic in order to strengthen Arabic language skills, foster meaningful dialogue, and promote cross-cultural understanding. An innovative peer-to-peer program, Student to World connects youth who would not otherwise have exposure to international exchange experiences, opening their eyes, expanding their world views, and shifting their perspectives. Student to World offers educators and students a choice of curricular theme: Art in Action, Ocean Health, Global Hunger, Pandemic, Overcoming Bias, and new youth Content Creation Lab co-created themes of Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Mental Health, and Sports. Each curriculum provides students with access to thematic curricular content (images, videos, articles) from around the world. By participating in Student to World, students explore aspects of their everyday lives, compare and contrast their lives with the lives of global peers, expand their understanding of thematic content in global context, and ultimately plan to take actions that benefit their local and global communities. Students can access these learning opportunities either as personalized learning journeys on the online learning platform or through participation in our interactive Live Events in which Global Nomads facilitators deliver our online content in real-time.

Students learning Arabic connect with their Arabic-speaking global peers in online Live Events that build empathy, global awareness and action orientation – skills needed to succeed in college and careers in an ever more interconnected world. These Live Events are based on thematic content developed “for global youth by global youth” and provide opportunities for Arabic language learners to practice authentic Arabic as they listen to facilitators and their global peers, read content on the screen, and speak in breakout room discussions. Additionally, Arabic language learners can access all of our online courses where they will be able to engage with hundreds of stories submitted by their peers in Arabic-speaking countries to learn about their lives, communities and cultures.

To learn more or enroll your class in a Global Nomads Group program, please fill out this interest form.


QFI partnered with NaTakallam to give students engaging language practice and opportunities for cultural exchange without leaving the classroom.  NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) connects displaced persons, called Conversation Partners (CP), with students around the world. Our partnership with NaTakallam provides virtual guest speaker sessions that allow students all over the world to interact and learn more about their CP’s lives, the Arab world, or simply to learn Arabic. Programs can be conducted in German, English, or Arabic (or a mix of both) as a single 60-minute session, or a three- or 10-part series, any of which can be integrated into an existing school class or an extracurricular club activity. 

Ready to bring NaTakallam to your school?  Contact NaTakallam at

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