Media Kit

Logo Versions

Use the blue logo for light-colored backgrounds and the white logo for darker backgrounds. The goal is to maintain maximum contrast and visibility.

White Logo

Blue Logo

Space Requirements

When using the QFI logo, it is important to allow adequate white space around the logo. This white space should be equal to or larger than the center cutout of the Q logo–mark. This ensures maximum legibility across all applications.

Size Requirements

Five centimeters across is the minimum size for the QFI logo but it is not a default size. There is a general preference to make the logo larger than this.

Logo Improper Uses

  • Do Not

    Do not use improper contrast

  • Do Not

    Do not alter the logo color or add texture

  • Do Not

    Do not add effects or filters

  • Do Not

    Do not skew or reorient the logo

  • Do Not

    Do not use pixelated or low-quality graphics

  • Do Not

    Do not separate the Q from the writing

Our Colors

  • QFI’s primary color is QFI blue (PMS 2945M). Text and graphic elements should be in this color when possible.


  • Inclusive:

    We’re open to all and embrace the varied cultures and identities that create meaning for people.

  • Engaging:

    We speak with passion, energy, and confidence about Arabic language teaching and learning.

  • Supportive:

    We are resourceful and reliable and want our partners and our network to be successful.


  • Typography is a key element used to communicate a unified personality for QFI. We use the suisee int’l font.

Media Release Form

Access the Media Release and Consent Form

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Yes. Please update to the standards outlined here and contact if you need guidance.

We love that you love our brand and want to use it. The QFI logo requires permission for use. Please reach out to to request permission.

No, our logo must be used according to the guidelines and is not open for creative interpretation.


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