Arab World Spotlight

Access SIMA Classroom and take the Arab World Spotlight Challenge!

Called the “Netflix of social impact education,” SIMA offers an unprecedented collection of contemporary short films, along with teaching resources and lesson plans, that provide your students an insight into today’s global issues.

We have partnered with SIMA so that you can access this incredible resource for FREE here.

Through SIMA we have also curated the Arab World Vision Playlist, a collection of films that offer a window to the richness, beauty, and diversity of the Arab World.

Join the Challenge

QFI and would love to know how your class and students were moved by the films in the Arab World Vision Playlist. Participate in the Arab World Spotlight Challenge by having your students produce multimedia projects on how the AWS films resonated with their life experiences.

Winning student submission will receive:

  • A feature on QFI’s social media channels
  • Award winner status and promotion on both QFI & SIMA websites
  • $25 Gift Card
  • 5 Language Exchange Hours through NaTakallam

Teacher of winning students will receive:

  • One additional year of SIMA Classroom membership

Deadline for submissions:  Friday, April 9, 2021

Request for Proposals

For any questions regarding the application or program, contact

Click here to learn more about the learning objectives and lesson plans for the Arab World Spotlight Challenge.