Arabic Honor Society

The AHS fosters and supports student engagement in Arabic language study at the high school level, and offers students a platform for continuing their studies into college and beyond. The AHS accomplishes this by:

  • Offering exclusive awards to support participation in summer study, study abroad, and college tuition
  • Providing information about post-high school institutions and opportunities for students to continue their Arabic studies
  • Compiling a list of scholarships and grants for Arabic language students at the high school level and beyond
  • Providing career guidance, along with comprehensive profiles of Arabic language-oriented careers, and outlining the essential steps necessary to reach these goals
  • Organizing yearly contests and events to connect and engage students
  • Partnering with CirkledIn to help students connect with higher education and career opportunities.

How To Participate

To learn more about how to join a chapter, or found one of your own, head to for more information.

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