Arabic Teachers’ Councils

Teaching Arabic is even more enjoyable when you have access to a community of practice. To support such communities, QFI has responded by helping start-up and sustain Arabic Teachers’ Councils. Each council is locally organized and managed and the sponsor organization works closely with its members to provide relevant programming and opportunities, such as workshops, seminars, financial support to attend local or regional conferences, and events to engage their students and community. If you join, you get to know other teachers, network, collaborate, build new skills, develop curriculum, and share your most innovative teaching approaches. Membership is open to all teachers of Arabic.

We currently support Arabic Teachers’ Councils in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Each council organizes activities throughout the school year. To join a council, learn about their activities, and participate in upcoming events, please visit these websites:

Chicago Arabic Teachers’ Council, hosted by University of Chicago
Michigan Arabic Teachers’ Council, hosted by GEE-Riverside
New York Arabic Teachers’ Council, hosted by Global Language Project
Southern California Arabic Language Teachers’ Council, hosted by Occidental College
Five College Arabic Teachers’ Council, hosted by the Five College Arabic Language Initiative

How to Participate

Interested in starting an Arabic Teachers’ Council in your area? We’re eager to speak with you. Contact us at