Classroom Connections with the Arab World

The Classroom Connections with the Arab World program provides supplementary funding of up to $30,000 for secondary school teachers to take student groups on immersive travel abroad experiences to the Arab world. We believe travel experiences are vastly enhanced by including pre-trip virtual exchange activities to better engage with the host culture. In keeping with this mission, applications must include a virtual exchange program that ties in directly with their trip.

How to Participate

Application Launch

Fall 2019

To learn more about the Classroom Connections program, and how to apply, please contact us.

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Setting up a Virtual Exchange Program

Applicants are free to implement any type of virtual exchange program as long as it ties in directly to the trip.

If applicants with no previous experience in virtual exchange are awarded a Classroom Connections grant, they are encouraged to sign up for QFI’s virtual exchange course through Participate, which they can access below.

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