Concordia Language Villages – QFI Arabic Teacher Professional Development Workshops

QFI partners with Concordia Language Villages to offer intensive cohort-based workshops for Arabic language teachers that take place over several weekends throughout the school year. Participants commit to two in-person workshops and three online webinars. These workshops are open to primary, secondary, and college-level Arabic teachers in the U.S. and Canada. Workshops are led by expert teacher-trainers and cover topics such as curriculum and assessment, learner engagement, staying in the target language, and integrating culture in the classroom.

Workshops are led by expert teacher trainers and have covered the following topics:

  • Integrating the Common Core and 21st-Century Skills into Units of Instruction for the Arabic Language Classroom
  • Strategies to Increase Proficiency of Arabic Language Learners
  • Staying in the Target Language in the Arabic Language Classroom
  • Integrating Culture into the Arabic Language Classroom
  • Strategies to Facilitate Language Learning
  • Global Literacy

To make it possible for dedicated teachers to take advantage of this high-impact educational opportunity, all costs of the workshops are covered, including a travel stipend for participants.

How To Participate

Applications for the workshop series open in August. The first in-person workshop takes place in October, followed by three webinars; the second in-person workshop in April.

To learn more about the workshops and apply, see the complete program information:

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