Goldsmiths University of London Certificate Course

QFI partners with the Goldsmiths University of London to provide an Arabic Certificate Course for teachers of Arabic. The course provides a foundation in up-to-date methodology for teaching Arabic as a second/foreign language to primary- and secondary-age learners. To ensure flexibility in meeting individual needs and in the ongoing integration of theory and practice, it is based on a blended approach combining face-to-face teaching, supported self-study, and classroom observation.

Course participants are expected to be well-organized, open to new ideas, and to develop a reflective stance towards their professional development. The course promotes a reflective, process-based, and collaborative approach to professional development integrating theory and practice. It is based on a combination of lecture workshops, self-study activities, and classroom teaching. Participants submit portfolios for review at the end of the course.

The course is open to teachers working in the UK in mainstream, independent, and community-based school contexts, teaching classes of primary- and secondary school-aged children.

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