Virtual Exchange

For the past 10 years, QFI has been a pioneer in developing exchange programs between young people in the Middle East and the Americas. These diverse exchanges, both face-to-face and virtual, are part of our mission to give teachers the tools to build the student collaboration and competencies that foster engaged global citizens for the 21st century and beyond.

Building on our decade of expertise in the field, we are now focusing on virtual exchanges. The virtual format allows more of your students to participate in these meaningful, two-way cross-cultural conversations that focus on real experiences, authentic dialogue, and social connection. The virtual format also makes it possible for your students to participate on a more regular basis within a media technology format is familiar and comfortable for them.

To provide you the support you need to lead virtual exchanges, we’ve partnered with Participate on a useful introduction to virtual exchange, including lessons learned, best practices, projects, and ideas available through free online professional development courses and facilitated virtual exchange projects.

To further connect youth around the world, we have also developed the Aber Virtual Exchange Course. This course provides a powerful exploration of culture and the impacts of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, while teaching 21st-century skills. Students can share their cultural backgrounds, explore their diversity and work across differences to complete a collaborative project. The exchange takes place between classrooms across the world using group discussion, journaling, video conferences, and online forum dialogue. The curriculum culminates in a collaborative multimedia project.



The How to Create a Virtual Exchange and Aber Virtual Exchange courses are both available at no cost through the link below.

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