QFI Community on the Participate.com Platform

To support educators to bring authentic, diverse, global perspectives into their classrooms, we’ve partnered with Participate.com to provide several online professional development courses for teachers.

Join our community of practice and share with other teachers as you develop ways to integrate virtual exchange and multimedia projects to explore the Arab world with your students.


How to Join

All QFI courses are available for free on the Participate platform. Join the QFI Professional Learning Community at qfi.org/participate! For any questions, contact connectedcommunities@qfi.org.

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Available courses include:

Virtual Exchange 101: An Introduction​

This mini-course will introduce you to virtual exchange as an instructional strategy to develop global competencies. Once you get a general idea, our Virtual Exchange 102 will take you to the next level of designing a virtual exchange that will open your classroom to meet your learning goals! ​

Virtual Exchange 102: A Deep Dive

As a follow up to Virtual Exchange 101, learn to create a virtual exchange that brings global perspectives into your classroom by connecting your students to their global peers through digital technology and sustained curricular activities. ​

Commit to Action

This course guides teachers on facilitating global collaboration for service-learning projects that address the Sustainable Development Goals using the Investigation, Planning, Action, Reflection and Demonstration (IPARD) method developed by the National Youth Leadership Council. ​

Impact Media: Explore the Arab World thru Film

Teachers create participatory lessons that use film as a springboard for learning about the Arab World through beautiful character-driven stories that build meaningful connections and remind us of our commonalities as human beings. Includes access to SIMA Arab World Spotlight films and story guides.

Teaching the Aber Virtual Exchange ​

This course prepares teachers to implement a creative virtual exchange project aimed at breaking down stereotypes and uniting us to speak out against discrimination and prejudice. ​

Refugee Story Circle ​

This course uses the power of storytelling to inspire empathy and action amongst your students as they learn about the growing refugee crisis across the world. We will share with you the original Refugee Story Circle project, which engaged 12 refugee storytellers and over 180 students over three years. We will guide you to create your own story circle, using the SIMA Classroom films that tell the stories of young people who have become refugees- their struggles, their hopes, and their triumphs.

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