At QFI, we champion and implement both virtual and in-person exchanges for middle- and high-school students. We believe it’s never too early to inspire young people to engage in cross-cultural communication that will enable them to be active global citizens.  There are opportunities to connect students like never before: innovative tools and technology to engage a greater and more diverse number of students in cross-cultural programming and collaboration. Today, web-based tools, TelePresence technology, and social media create avenues for young people to connect both with each other and with mentors and professionals globally so that they may gain the knowledge, expertise, and global perspective they need in order to tackle the critical challenges of the 21st century.

It is with this understanding that we seek to connect students and classrooms to discuss and collaborate on ways to raise awareness or take action on global issues through our online YALLAH programming. Over 800 students and alumni from across the Americas and Arab world between the ages of 14 and 24 have joined. The forum allows students a safe space to discuss global issues and also benefit from experts on a variety of issues including, college counseling, environmental sustainability, media making, service learning and more. QFI has supported virtual exchanges surrounding topics like debate, storytelling, refugee and forced migration issues, education advocacy, environmental issues, food security, language and culture in the Arab world, and youth empowerment. QFI is also a Virtual Exchange Coalition Champion with The Aspen’s Institute‘s Stevens Initiative, Soliya, iEarn, and Global Nomads Group to promote the benefits of virtual exchange through the Virtual Exchange Coalition website.

If you are interested to learn more about QFI’s virtual exchange programs, please contact us at yallah@qfi.org.