QFI is a global leader in researching the best practices in Arabic language education.  The most recent white paper was published in June, 2022 and discusses the evolving needs of Arabic language teachers in U.S. K-12 education.  You can read the paper HERE.

The British Council and QFI commissioned research with Shift Insight to help build a better picture of Arabic teaching provision and explore the key drivers and barriers that exist to this.  You can read the full report HERE.

FORWARD with Peers (FWP) is a 10-week program. Building on the success of a school-based behavioral health program designed to help students talk about their feelings and promote healthy living, the goal is to create a safe place to promote social and emotional learning (SEL) and build students’ toolset to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.  Partnered with SALaMA, QFI supported the creation of the FWP Facilitation Guide.  You can download the FWP Guide HERE.




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