Read Alouds

QFI is releasing read-alouds of various children’s books, working with authors, publishers, and writers from across the Arab world during this time of school closures worldwide.

Please join us here as we feature works by Arab authors from the Arab world and Arab diaspora in both English and Arabic.

Each week we will have a new English and/or Arabic video featured on our website, and be sure to view our QFI YouTube channel to access older read-alouds. Tune in every week to hear an exciting new story about the Arab world.

The Magic Palm

Our first featured author is Dina Elabd, an Egyptian-American children’s book author.

Mila the Beautiful Cat || ميلا القطة الجميلة

Goha the Wise Fool

The adventure of the 3 Ducklings || مغامرة البطات الثلاث

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Farida | فريدة

The Night of the Moon

The Journey of Selecting the Lantern | رحلة اختيار فانوس

The Flamingo Team | فريق النحام الوردي

In collaboration with Qatar National Library

The Seven Wise Princesses

Our next featured author is Wafa Tarnowska, a Lebanese children’s book author, translator, and radio broadcaster now living in the UK.


The Diamond Anklet

The White Dove and the Poisoned Pins

Jullanar of the Sea | جلّنار البحرية

Princess Jawhara and the White Bird | الأميرة جوهرة والطائر الأبيض

The Story of Good and Bad

The Queen of the Isle of Plenty | ملكة جزيرة الخصب

The Queen of the City of Enchantments | ملكة مدينة الاسحار

The Story of Good and Bad Part 2