Arab World Map

The Arab world map was produced through a collaboration between the Maps Division of National Geographic Partners, LLC and QFI. According to the Arab American National Museum, the Arab World is comprised of the 22 Arabic-speaking members of the Arab League. All cartographic decisions were made by National Geographic Partners and this map adheres to National Geographic Partners map policy.

Aligning with the goals and objectives of QFI’s work in our three program areas of Arab Societies and Cultures, Arabic Language, and Connected Communities, the map of the Arab world demonstrates both the breadth and diversity of the region. Available in three languages (English, Arabic and German), the map can be utilized not only as a classroom visual but also as resource for educators to develop lesson plans and activities across all fields of study.

To find other open education resources on the Arab world such as this, please visit QFI’s online resource database, Al-Masdar.

Download the Maps

Click below to download the PDF version of the map for free in both Arabic and English.