Bringing Arab Artists to Your Classroom

In the Spring/Summer of 2018, Qatar Foundation International supported Shubbak to run three projects for young people, devised and facilitated by an Arab artist in London. Each of the workshops blended art forms, allowing young people exposure to, and experimentation with, a number of mediums at once. Apart from the intangible and tangible outcomes for and by the young people themselves, each project was documented in a video using footage from the workshops, as well as interviews with the artists. This resource consists of three guidance leaflets for the classroom, with each leaflet using one of the videos below as its starting point. The leaflets demonstrate links to curriculum subjects and propose ideas and activities for higher order thinking for teachers and pupils, particularly around transferable skills and universal values. They are most suited for pupils aged 10–14 although there are many elements that can be applied to curriculum requirements for other age groups as well.

Videos & Supporting Leaflets

Click below to view each video and download the corresponding leaflet.

All the leaflets were written by Alia Alzougbi.

Looking Closely – Carl Michael Atiyeh

Download the leaflet

Sounds of Grove — Kareem Samara

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Stories that Move — Alia Alzougbi

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