Discovering the World of Arabic


TThese interactive resources were created to complement the live online lessons for primary school pupils of the Arabic language course, designed by Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT).

The ten-week, 20-hour course has been designed to allow young learners to experience the Arabic language and culture through the context of traveling and storytelling, inspired by the well-known historic explorer, Ibn Battuta. It is aimed at P5–P7 learners (8–11 years old) who are complete beginners in Arabic. As part of Scotland’s approach to language learning, the program is designed as a meaningful L3 language learning experience. In other words, it is meant to support the teaching of a second additional language in the upper primary stages. The purpose of the course is to introduce learners to aspects of Arab cultures, as well as practical Arabic language skills.

There are seven presentations. The first is about Ibn Battuta himself, then five more presentations focus on different Arab countries: Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, and Jordan. The final presentation is a quiz to review what the students have learned. Each presentation contains one slide and a number of links to information and activities that have been designed to enhance a learners’ knowledge and understanding of the Arab world, its many cultures, and, in some cases, its links to Scotland.

1. Introducing Ibn Battuta


2. Discovering Morocco


3. Discovering Egypt


4. Discovering Qatar


5. Discovering Tunisia


6. Discovering Jordan


7. Discovering the World of Arabic

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