The Q-Wheel

The Q-wheel is a valuable, open, and free language tool that introduces users to the Arabic alphabet.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the Arabic alphabet can write their name by matching English letters and sounds to their Arabic phonetic counterparts.  QFI has used the physical iteration of the wheel as an effective outreach and teaching tool, distributing over 13,000 copies to teachers, students, and others interested in teaching or learning Arabic.

You can download the workbook here.
And download the curriculum unit here.

Due to the success and demand of the physical Arabic wheel, QFI adapted the design into a mobile application.

The app includes sound to hear the spoken letters, so beginners are able to hear and sound out the Arabic alphabet. In addition, the app allows the user to customize and share their name in Arabic as a digital sticker online through social media.  The interface includes an option for both novice and experienced users. The novice user is guided step-by-step as they write their name in Arabic. Experienced users are taken directly to the animated wheel where they can spin and select the Arabic characters that match their English name.

In March of 2017, the app won a World Summit Award within the WSA-mobile category. QFI is proud to say that the Madar Al-Huruf app is among the Top 40 World Summit Award winners!

Download the app for free from Apple and Google Play stores.

Q-Wheel How-To Video

Q-Wheel Workbook

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