Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes - Resource Pack & Workshop

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    Arabic Language, History & Culture

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    United Kingdom

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    Activity, Assessment, Lesson Plan, Unit Plan

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    Downloadable File, Streaming Video

  • Proficiency Level

    Advanced, Superior

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    Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

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  • Grade Levels

    High School, Secondary School, College / University

  • Author(s)

    Reem Abdelhadi, Luma Hammed, Fatima Khaled and Jim Anderson

*Please refer to the "Workshop Videos" supporting link for the full workshop along with the "Workshop Content" supporting file along with the main downloadable resource pack*

The resource pack ‘Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes’, was published by Goldsmiths, the University of London in 2018. Based on an innovative cross-curricular approach to teaching Arabic as a foreign and community/heritage, the pack is aimed primarily at intermediate and more advanced learners but can easily be adapted for low­­er levels.

In order to support teachers in working with the resource, Goldsmiths Teachers’ Centre and QFI have supported a programme of professional development workshops in London, Leeds and Birmingham. Here we present extracts from a video recording made during the workshop which took place at Goldsmiths on 22nd October 2018. For purposes of clarity and ease of use, the content has been broken down into eleven sections.