United Kingdom Year 7 - Arabic Language Curriculum Map & Study Plan

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    Arabic Language

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    United Kingdom

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    Activity, Assessment, Assignment, Lesson Plan, Teaching Strategies, Unit Plan

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    Downloadable File

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    Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

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    Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary School

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    Qatar Foundation International

The Arabic Year 7 Study Plan is designed for complete beginners with little to no prior Arabic knowledge on arrival in year 7.

These materials are designed specifically for teachers and students in the United Kingdom.

The Arabic Year 7 Study Plan aims to develop and nurture students’ understanding of Arabic language and culture and support their progression in their early stage of learning. It consists of two parts:

  1. A termly curriculum map which outlines the main learning and literacy objectives
  2. A detailed scheme of work which sets out weekly content for the year 7 Arabic course

The plan is designed to cover a course of learning that involves two to three lessons per week over a complete school year.

The materials do not need to be limited to learners embarking upon a study of Arabic from year 7 but can be adapted to suit students starting Arabic in later years as well.