Teacher Leadership Program

Qatar Foundation International (QFI), with implementing partners University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Middle East Outreach Council, provides intensive professional development programming designed to build cohorts of K-12 educators across the country who can provide effective professional development to their professional network on topics related to the Middle East and the teaching of the Arabic language.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating elements of both cultural and language outreach and education, this program equips educators from across the social sciences and the Arabic language fields with the knowledge and skills to help their peers become more effective and confident when teaching about the region.

Participants attend a series of professional development workshops that explore a variety of themes related to the Middle East and the Arabic language. During each event, participants will attend seminars with experts in the field, work with education specialists to develop classroom-ready curricula, resources, and teaching strategies to share with other educators in their networks.

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