United Kingdom

QFI focusses on fostering a deeper understanding of the Arab world through the teaching of the Arabic language and about Arab culture. We believe that learning a language and studying about another part of the world are essential for young people in the 21st century. Our aim is to increase access to quality Arabic teaching for all learners, and to facilitate greater understanding of the Arab world and its cultural and linguistic diversity.

We do this through working with institutions and individuals who share our goals, and by providing grants to support a range of programmes and initiatives. In the UK we partner with primary and secondary schools, arts festivals, the British Council and other philanthropic organisations, and ensure that our programmes advance critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and cross-cultural communication.

Our approach is not to take one model and apply it everywhere – we listen to students and educators and ask what they need. If you share our vision, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Our school prides itself on delivering an education which has an eye on global internationalism and we are also, as an integrated school, particularly concerned with celebrating diversity in all its forms: Arabic is therefore a particularly good fit for us at this time. QFI has funded the Primary Arabic program which we are currently delivering, and also invited a member of staff to the WISE conference in Doha, which was highly inspiring and motivating, not only for the staff member involved but also for his students.

Ian McMillan, Head of German and Classics, Shimna Integrated College. Newcastle, United Kingdom