U.K. Grants

Arabic Language and Culture Programs for Schools

We partner with the British Council to offer grants to schools to introduce or expand provision for Arabic and work toward offering Arabic on the curriculum. We want Arabic to be a realistic choice for U.K. schools and a viable option for any student of any background to explore. All U.K. state schools are eligible to apply.

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Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants

These aim to provide supplementary funding for teachers who would to like introduce aspects of Arabic language and culture to their students. This need not be language-based. It could be related to art, music, history, geography, science, interdisciplinary projects, or student awareness of the different cultures of the Arab world. Current teachers of any subject who are working in or with primary or secondary schools in the U.K. are eligible to apply.

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Arabic Teacher Councils

To support communities of practice and to make teachers feel less isolated (most schools and even areas have just one Arabic teacher), QFI helped to start and sustain Arabic Teacher Councils. We invite proposals from individuals and institutions in the U.K. to establish and run councils to meet, network, share resources, and ideas, and reach out to the wider community as advocates for the Arabic language and Arab culture.

Interested in establishing an Arabic Teacher Council in the U.K.? View the 2020-2021 requirements below:

Invitation for Proposals

Teacher Professional Development Grants and Goldsmiths Bursary

Each year QFI impacts more than 1,000 teachers globally to support the professionalization of Arabic and mainstreaming the language in schools. We know that there is very little support available for Arabic teachers to attend professional development events or courses. Teachers can apply for a wide range of opportunities if the content is directly related to the Arab world.

Teacher Professional Development Grants  Goldsmiths Bursary

Arabic Culture Grants

The Arabic Culture Grants are intended to support workshops, performances, exhibitions, and events that present the richness and diversity of the cultures of the Arab World to U.K. audiences. This may include introducing aspects of Arab culture such as dance, music, storytelling, calligraphy, cuisine, and other forms of expression to schools and wider communities.

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QFI strongly believes in being open to all ideas that can further our goal to increase knowledge of the Arabic language and Arab culture. So if you have a suggestion or project outside the guidelines above, but you would like to discuss if we can support you, please feel free to contact us.