British Council

The British Council is the U.K.’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities, building lasting relationships between the U.K. and other countries. QFI has had a long-standing partnership with the British Council to work together to promote the teaching and learning of Arabic language and culture in the U.K., with the aim of making Arabic a realistic choice for U.K. Schools.

Research into long-term language needs identified Arabic as the second most necessary language for the U.K. over the next 20 years. However, Arabic is taught in only five to six percent of secondary schools in the U.K., the majority of which are Muslim faith schools, and often only as an extracurricular subject or in the supplementary sector. By developing Arabic to the same standards expected of the other major world languages in the British school system, the British Council and QFI are working to make Arabic a viable option for students of any background to explore. We also work together to provide training and professional development for Arabic teachers, hold annual conferences, and support the development of educational resources to teach about the Arab world.

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