Diving in with Global Nomads Group: Teacher and Student Experiences with GNG’s Free Virtual Student to World Program

Rooted in storytelling, Global Nomads Group’s Student to World program (for students 12-18 years old) explores global issues via creative activities, curated media resources, and stories created by youth from around the world.

Join us and learn more from a GNG staff member and participating educator on free ways to incorporate global experiences into your virtual (or in-school) teaching.

Global Nomads Group (GNG) is a nonprofit organization that creates virtual exchange programs that connect youth worldwide to build greater empathy, global awareness, and active citizenship.

QFI supports Global Nomads Group in our Connected Communities core programming area. We believe that connecting students and classrooms through virtual exchange is key to engaging a global community of diverse learners and educators and fostering global competency and 21st-century skills through the exploration of the Arabic language and the Arab world’s societies and cultures.

Webinar details: This webinar took place on Tuesday, June 9th, 3 pm ET

Panelists were:

Nicole Goggin, Director of Program Operations, Global Nomads Group (Georgia, US)

Ashlee VanHoose, Gifted & Talented Teacher, EJ Hayes Middle School (Kentucky, US)


Teachers (especially middle school and secondary school teachers of all subjects, all teachers welcome), parents of students 12-18 years old.

A recording of this webinar and all of our other webinars can be found on our YouTube page.

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