Teaching in the digital classroom: Ideas for teaching Arabic

*This webinar will be hosted in the German language.

Expolingua and QFI were pleased to host an interactive webinar for Arabic educators on Friday, June 19th at 4:00 pm EST. In this webinar, Simone Britz, an Arabic teacher at the German Foreign Office as well as at the German-Arabic Friendship Society, and Paula Rötscher, an Arabic teacher and student of Arabistics at Bamberg University, discuss digital teaching tools.

Examples and suggestions are based on current research in the field and knowledge gained during practical experience. It will allow educators to learn more about the latest online tools to teach Arabic and how to effectively support their students.

The session shares innovations and best practices of how to incorporate free web tools and different online platforms to engage with students learning from home.

Specifically, this session will provide the following:

  • Showcase free educational web tools.
  • Recommend different platforms that can be used to promote all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), encourage collaboration, and provide feedback.

This session was led by the Expolingua, a German-based conference organizer for teaching modern foreign languages.

Webinar Details: This webinar took place on Friday, June 19th at 4:00 pm EST/3:00 pm GMT+1

Audience: Arabic language educators (especially primary and secondary level but all language educators are welcome)

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