Integrating Formative Assessment into Remote Language Lessons

This session was led by the British Council, a United Kingdom-based international organization aimed at fostering cultural relations and educational opportunities. This webinar was delivered by Joe Dale, an independent language consultant from the UK.

Specifically, this session provides the following:

  • Free cross-platform formative assessment tools that can be used to check student progress, give immediate feedback and identify gaps in knowledge during lockdown;
  • Understanding of how to prepare students for Yr11 and facilitate a more consistent and evidence-based approach to assessment;
  • How to export student results as evidence of learning so that intervention strategies can be put in place.

Tools explored in this webinar: 

  • “Mentimeter” to ask questions and check understanding
  • Google Forms to make self-marking quizzes
  • “Socrative” to create self-marking vocabulary tests
  • Quizzes for remote listening comprehension and gamification
  • “” to promote writing and speaking skills through random chunking

Audience: Arabic language educators (especially primary and secondary level, but all language educators are welcome)

This webinar took place on June 10, 2020.

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