Webinar: Non-Romanized scripts learning and handwriting online

In this webinar, Dr. Amber Navarre applies her experience teaching Chinese characters and handwriting using online tools to the teaching of the Arabic script. Attendees have the opportunity to practice writing Chinese characters, using online platforms such as Pear Deck, beginning with simple characters of three strokes to more complex ones with many strokes. They can also assess the quality of their characters.

Amber explains the techniques for introducing students to non-Romanized scripts that she uses in her teaching: show and draw, demonstrate and trace, and instruct writing rules explicitly. So, alongside the actual writing of the characters students also become familiar with the rules that underpin character construction. Amber then goes on to show how these techniques can be used to teach learners how to write Arabic script.

Dr. Navarre is a senior lecturer of Chinese at Boston University specializing in second language acquisition, technology-enhanced language learning, and curriculum design. Dr. Navarre has won many awards for her curricular innovations.

This webinar took place on November 10, 2020.

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