Teaching in the Digital Classroom – How do I Motivate Young Students to learn Arabic Online?

*This online seminar was hosted in the German language.

Expolingua and QFI are pleased to host an interactive online seminar for Arabic educators and Arabic heritage project managers on Friday, August 21st at 3:00 pm EST.

In this online seminar, Pascal Posler (MSc, UCL) in Social Cognition, Teach First Germany Fellow and founder of the “Bildungsfestival” and Paula Rötscher, Arabic teacher at the language specialist Salzmannschule in Schnepfenthal and Arabic lecturer at Erfurt University discussed and gave practical examples on motivating young Arabic learners.

Examples and suggestions were based on current research in the field and knowledge gained during practical experience. It will allow educators to learn more about the challenges of teaching Arabic to young language learners in Germany: How can we motivate students to participate during lessons, especially when classes are held during weekends? What are the obstacles to prevent students from being successful learners? Can “Arabic Yoga” help to increase student attention?

Specifically, this session will provide the following:

· Insight into WOOP goal setting and how it can apply to Arabic language students;

· Discussions on the challenges of teaching young children especially during COVID-19;

· Recommendations for different materials that can be used to motivate students, especially “Arabic Yoga”.

This session will be led by the Expolingua, a German-based conference organizer for teaching modern foreign languages in Germany and Qatar Foundation International.

Audience: Arabic language educators (especially primary and secondary level, but all language educators are welcome) and project managers for teaching Arabic as a heritage language in federals state-run programs.

Details: This online seminar took place on Friday, August 21st at 3:00 pm EST/3:00 pm GMT+1


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