Webinar: Welcome to the Arab World

On the 23 June, 2020 British Council and QFI held a Welcome to the Arab World event for UK pupils. Designed to introduce the languages, cultures, and traditions of the Arab countries to British students, the event contains a blend of presentation and performance. There are four sessions and each one is approximately 20 minutes long.

  1. An introduction to Arabic language and cultures by Tony Calderbank, Arabic teacher, and translator, former British Council director in Libya, Bahrain, and South Sudan, and UK consultant for the Qatar Foundation International (QFI).
  1. A traditional Arab story told by Elias Mattar, Palestinian play specialist, storyteller, drama therapist, performer, and founder of the El Bayet Centre for Performing Arts and Drama Therapy.
  1. Stereotypes of the Arab world by Hana Mohamed, who works for Caabu (The Council for Arab-British Understanding), looking at stereotypes of the Arab world by exploring the influence of film and media stories.
  1. Live performance and conversation by Syrian American hip-hop artist Omar Offendum, born in Saudi Arabia and now living in Los Angeles, California, Omar is also a designer, poet, and peace activist whose work blends Arabic and English words and rhythms.

All the sessions can be viewed at the following link: https://www.britishcouncil.org/education/schools/support-for-languages/arabic-language-culture-programme/welcome-arab-world

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