About QFI

Our Approach to Arabic Language Education

With more than a decade of working in the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Germany, QFI has established networks of educators, administrators, students, researchers, and other experts in language learning.


QFI Supports the Arabic Language Education Community through:

  • Advancing the use of the four key modes of communication in the classroom: interpersonal, interpretive, presentational, and intercultural
  • Providing professional development, training and networking opportunities for teachers
  • Initiating and supporting research in partnership with universities across the world
  • Providing teachers and their students with opportunities to engage in cross-cultural and interdisciplinary Arabic education programs
  • Grantmaking for state-funded primary and secondary school Arabic programs
  • Convening thought leaders and experts in the global language field.

Unique Position

QFI addresses a critical, global gap in Arabic language learning at the primary and secondary levels.

QFI prioritizes support of Arabic language learning as early as possible. This approach offers learners the opportunity to accrue the large number of hours needed to acquire proficiency.

In addition to Arabic language teachers, we support teachers of social studies, math, science and the arts who intend to explore Arabic and the Arab world as part of their curriculum.

Convenings and Outreach

QFI works to provide consistent, evidence-based opportunities for engagement on issues related to research, teaching, and learning of the Arabic language and culture globally by applying and adhering to the highest professional standards.

QFI also fosters interest in and understanding of the Arabic language and culture via regular outreach intitiatives such as the global #SpeakArabic campaign and Arabic language competitions and culture days for students.

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